We believe skincare doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective which is why our balms contain only a handfull of ingredients, plant based oils and vax together with pure essential oils for natural and lovely fragrances. Highly moisturising and nourishing pleasurable both for your lips, nose and spirit! We’re cruelty and additive free, of course, and are on a mission to make you feel great. We fully expose all of our ingredients so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin!

We make 100% natural & organic lip balms. All products are handcrafted in Stockholm, Sweden. We believe in nature’s power to help us heal and we want the best for your skin and the environment. Love yourself, love your body, love your lips! 

How it all started…

Hi I’m Caroline, the founder of Lip Love. I left my job in a corporate environment as a product designer to follow a path closer to my heart.  The journey of Lip Love started when I found out what the  lip balm I used to by in my local pharmacy actually contained. Like most cheap lip balms it contained mineral oils. Vaseline or is one of them. Discovered as the thick grease found around the bottoms of the oil rigs in the 1800th, people took patents on this grease and began marketing Vaseline as a miracle cream. However, Vaselin is by no means a natural or healthy skin care product, but a petrochemical product and a byproduct of the oil industry. A product refined using acids and gasoline. Mineral oils like Vaseline are no good for the skin, they actually clog the pores and interferes with their function. On the market today sadly 95% of all products on the shelfs contain mineral oils like Vaseline.

I felt I wanted to change this, and decided to try and make my own 100% natural lip balm. I created a lip balm with 100% natural and organic ingredients. All ingredients good and caring for you, your lips and the earth! I am very happy that you are here reading this. Let’s work together to spread this knowledge with love and care for our skin and our planet!